Shamrock Running Club

- Established by Bill Feeney 2001

Tuesday Night Indoor Track

Bill O’Connor Indoor Track. 

Joyce Middle School Woburn

To avoid the cold winter New England weather, we run at the Woburn Joyce Indoor Track from early December to late March.  The indoor warm up starts at 6:15.  The workout starts at 6:30.

Like outdoors, you’ll always find someone to run with because we typically have three groups of runners advanced, intermediate and beginners.

Track workouts are about preparing you for your next race and improving your running economy.

One or more coaches will be there to teach you proper form and technique before, during and after the workouts.  All workouts are based on your ability.

2/20Something Fun
2/27Something not so fun
3/6Something hard but rewarding
3/13Something really hard and really rewarding