Shamrock Running Club

- Established by Bill Feeney 2001

Boston Marathon Invitational Numbers

Guidelines for Shamrock Running Club Boston Marathon Invitational Number Distribution

  1. The number of Shamrock Running Club Boston Marathon “Invitational Numbers” is determined by the Boston Athletic Association.  We are not guaranteed to receive any “Invitational Numbers” each year.
  2. All “Invitational Numbers” received from the Boston Athletic Association will be distributed.
  3. During our fall cookout in September, all of the names on lottery tickets (see below) who are eligible for the “Invitational Numbers” will be put into a hat for a random drawing.  Four finalists will be selected.
  4. During our yearly banquet in January, we will hold a random drawing from the previously selected four finalist.  The “Invitational Numbers” will be drawn and assigned based on the actual “Invitational Numbers” received from the Boston Athletic Association.  If we receive two “Invitational Numbers”, two recipients will be drawn from the four finalist.
  5. The marathon number eligibility year runs from September to September unlike our club membership which runs From January 1 to December 31.
  6. You must have completed either a half-marathon or longer within 1 year, prior to the September drawing.
  7. You must be a member of the Shamrock Running Club for at least 2 years prior to the date of the number drawing.  Dues must be paid in full for the two years prior to and the year of the September drawing (if you are entering the lottery for a 2022 number, your dues must be paid in full for 2020 and 2021).
  8. Members cannot receive a marathon number more than once in two years. (If you received a Shamrock number for 2016 you are not eligible for the lottery again until 2018).
  9. Numbers are non-transferable and must be used by the recipient. If the recipient is unable to participate in the marathon, he/she must return the application immediately to the Board so that it may be assigned to an alternate.
  10. Winners of the Shamrock Running Clubs invitational numbers are required to wear Shamrock Running Club apparel (e.g., Shamrock singlet, top, shirt) at the Boston Marathon
  11. Candidate must have volunteered to work (not just run!) at least four of the Club-sponsored events listed below.  One of the volunteer events must be a BAA Event (Marathon Expo, 10K Shamrock water stop, Half Marathon Shamrock water stop). You will receive 1 lottery ticket for volunteering for four events:
    • Shamrock New Year’s Day Race (Run Your Hangover Off)
    • BAA Boston Marathon Expo (April)
    • Kick in for Kids (May)
    • BAA 10K Shamrock water stop (June)
    • Shamrock Feeney 5K(July)
    • VNA Care Hospice Race (October)
    • BAA Half Marathon Shamrock water stop(October)
    • Mill Cities Relay-water stop (December)
    • Other events which may arise, subject to Board approval

Because the lack of volunteering opportunities in the last year, for the 2022 Boston Marathon drawing, there are no volunteering requirements.  Each member who meet the other Shamrock Running Club Boston Marathon Invitational Number criteria will receive 1 lottery ticket for the random September drawing.

In the process of determining eligibility for marathon numbers, the Board may at its discretion make exceptions to the above guidelines.

Entry Form for Boston Marathon 2022 Invitational Number