1. The number of Boston Marathon “Invitational Numbers” (NUMBERS) granted each year to the Shamrock Running Club (SRC) is determined by the Boston Athletic Association (BAA). The BAA does not guarantee distribution of any NUMBERS to local running clubs, including the SRC, and the quantity of NUMBERS issued by the BAA varies each year. All NUMBERS received by the SRC from the BAA will be distributed.
  2. SRC members cannot receive an SRC Invitational Number more than once in three years. (For example, if you received an SRC invitational number for Boston 2021, you will be eligible for a NUMBER again for Boston 2024). 
  3. NUMBERS are non-transferable and must be used by the recipient. 
  4. Winners of the SRC NUMBERS are required to wear SRC apparel (e.g., Shamrock singlet, top, shirt) at the Boston Marathon.
  5. Winners of the SRC NUMBERS are required to understand and abide by all BAA Boston Marathon rules and policies as stated on the BAA website and in registration documentation. 
  6. Winners of the SRC NUMBERS will pay the full cost of their NUMBER to the BAA at the time of registration. The SRC will then reimburse the winners for the difference between the cost of the NUMBER and the Boston Marathon race fee for qualified runners.
  7. The NUMBER eligibility year runs from September 1 to August 31. Eligibility year differs from Club membership, which runs From January 1 to December 31.

Eligibility Requirements

  1. You must be a paid member of the SRC for at least one (1) eligibility year (September 1 to August 31) at the time of the initial lottery drawing. You must maintain your paid membership through the eligibility year and the marathon year when you register with the BAA.
    • Example: The eligibility year for Boston Marathon 2026 is 9/1/2024 – 8/31/2025. Therefore, to be eligible, you must be a paid member of the SRC on or before 9/1/2024 and renew your membership on or before 1/1/2025. If you win a number, you must renew your membership on or before 1/1/2026 in order to register the NUMBER with the BAA.
  2. You must have completed a half-marathon or longer within the eligibility year*.
  3. You must have volunteered to work at least four (4) of the following activities within the eligibility year* (volunteering does not automatically preclude running in an event; however, running in the event does not count as volunteering). To meet the volunteer requirements, you must support at least one (1) BAA official volunteer event with the SRC
  • At least one (1) official BAA volunteer event with the SRC (required):
    • BAA Half Marathon Shamrock water stop (October)
    • BAA Boston Marathon Expo Bib Distribution Shamrock Shift (April)
    • BAA 10K Shamrock water stop (June)
  • Mill Cities Relay water stop (December)
  • SRC New Year’s Day Race (Run Your Hangover Off)
  • Kick in for Kids (May)
  • SRC Feeney 5K (July)
  • Other events which may arise during the eligibility year, as defined by the SRC Board of Directors
  • Be a member of the SRC Board of Director throughout the eligibility year
  • Contribute to SRC operations in one of the following leadership roles involving 20+ hours/ year of additional work:
    • Hold an Executive Office (President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary)
    • Newsletter Author
    • Mill Cities Club Representative
    • BAA Representative  

From time to time, the Board or our members may advertise or request support for local events. However, volunteering at events NOT listed here will NOT count for eligibility for SRC Invitational NUMBERs unless explicitly noted by the Board.

In the process of determining eligibility for NUMBERS, the Board may at its discretion make exceptions to the above guidelines.

*Eligibility year: The NUMBER eligibility year runs from September 1 to August 31. Eligibility year differs from Club membership, which runs From January 1 to December 31.

Lottery process for NUMBER distribution

  1. In September, all Club members who are interested in receiving the NUMBER for the next Boston Marathon will be asked to submit their name to the lottery. Interested Club members must demonstrate that they have met all eligibility requirements, and eligibility will be verified by the SRC Board of Directors. 
  2. At the SRC fall cookout, the Board of Directors will draw at random four (4) finalists for an SRC invitational NUMBER. Being selected as a finalist in this lottery does not guarantee receipt of an SRC marathon NUMBER.  
  3. When the actual NUMBERS are received from the BAA, the SRC Board will hold, if necessary, an additional random lottery drawing among finalists to determine NUMBER recipients. Names will be drawn in random order, and finalists will receive a NUMBER in the order in which names are drawn until all NUMBERS are assigned (example, if SRC receives four numbers, all four finalists will receive a NUMBER. If SRC receives two numbers, the first two names drawn in this final lottery will receive numbers).


1)     I am an SRC member and interested in running the Boston marathon. What should I do?

If you are a paid member of the Shamrock Running Club (SRC), you may be eligible to receive an SRC Boston Marathon “Invitational Number” (NUMBER).

If you meet the eligibility requirements for the eligibility year (September 1 to August 31), you will have the opportunity to submit your name into the Invitational Number Lottery held at our fall cookout. See Appendix A for eligibility requirements.

Please be aware that meeting the eligibility requirements takes significant advance planning. We encourage you to proactively let the SRC Board of Directors know of your interest at any time, so we can provide inputs/guidance on how to meet the eligibility requirements throughout the year, and ensure that you receive pertinent communications.

2)     How many Boston marathon invitational numbers are issued by the BAA every year?

The quantity of SRC NUMBERS is determined by the Boston Athletic Association (BAA). The BAA does not guarantee the distribution of any NUMBERS to the SRC and the quantity varies each year (for example, we received two (2) NUMBERS for Boston 2022, four (4) NUMBERS for Boston 2023, and two (2) NUMBERS for Boston 2024). All NUMBERS received from the BAA will be distributed to eligible SRC members.

3)     I could not volunteer for enough events to meet the eligibility requirements. Are there additional volunteer opportunities that could help me qualify?

Only individuals who meet all eligibility requirements during the eligibility year (September 1 to August 31) will be allowed to submit their name into the lottery drawing at the SRC fall cookout. The Board of Directors may determine an alternate process if and only if there are less than four (4) individuals who meet all requirements.

4) Why are there so many volunteer requirements for eligibility?

The Shamrock Running Club is entirely a volunteer-run organization. Therefore, we reserve our Boston Marathon Invitational NUMBERS for members of our Club who have shown an active interest in and engagement with our Club and who have supported the operation of our Club throughout the year. 

5)     How does SRC select recipients if multiple SRC members are eligible and interested?

Based on how many NUMBERS the SRC receives from the BAA, we use a two-step lottery process to select NUMBER winners. 

Everyone who is interested in a NUMBER and has met the eligibility criteria may submit their name for a random lottery drawing at our fall cookout. We will use a random drawing to select four (4) finalists. Being selected as a finalist does not guarantee receipt of a NUMBER.

Once the SRC receives the NUMBERS from the BAA, we hold a second random lottery from the four finalists to award the NUMBERS. If we receive four numbers, all four finalists will be awarded a number. However, if we receive less than 4 NUMBERS, NUMBERS will be awarded in the order in which finalists are randomly drawn in this second lottery until all NUMBERS have been awarded.

6)     If I am a recipient and my plans change, can I transfer my number to someone else within SRC?

No. If your name is drawn and you receive a NUMBER, you cannot transfer your number to another eligible member.

7)     Is there any info session I can join to get more details?

If you’d like more information, please email the SRC Board of Directors at You may also attend any Board meeting (held once per month throughout the year) to ask questions. 

8)     Will I get reimbursed for the race fee?

The fee associated with Invitational NUMBERS is typically more than a standard Boston Marathon application fee for a qualified runner. At the time of registration, you will be required to pay the full amount to the BAA for a BAA Invitational Number. However, the SRC will reimburse you the difference between the NUMBER and a standard qualified Boston Marathon application fee.

9)     Can you recommend any marathon training plans?

SRC members that have paid their dues have access to training plans on our website.

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