Shamrock Running Club

- Established by Bill Feeney 2001


The board consists of a number of volunteers who donate many hours behind the scenes to make our club a fun experience for each and every member.

If you are interested in joining the board, we can always find a position for you.  It is a fun experience.

Dirk Slagmolen
President, Banquet, Feeney 5 Coordinator, Hangover Race Coordinator, Club storage facilitator
Emmett Murphy
Vice President, Grand Prix, Feeney 5 Coordinator, 1000 mile club, Yearly awards
Ram Satyaprasad
Founder/Marketing/New Membership/Role Model
David Sullivan
Membership, Mill City Team Coordinator, Email List
Chris Glaser
Treasurer, Mill City Relay Representative
Ellen Viger
Secretary, Mill City Relay Representative, Cook-outs and Supplies
Pattie Fields
Scholarship and Merchandise/Apparel
Kristen Hackney
Weekly Newsletter and E-mail/Communications
Kevin Hardimen
Pub Run
Damaris Hoeman
Fall Cookout Coordinator
Will Edmonds
Porfeiro Claudio
Pub Run
Jackie Hodgdon
Andy Merlino
BAA Events Coordinator, Mill City Team Coordinator
Dana Hamlin
Volunteer Coordinator