The board consists of a number of volunteers who donate many hours behind the scenes to make our club a fun experience for each and every member.

If you are interested in joining the board, we can always find a position for you.  It is a fun experience.

Siobhan Curran
Mary Emerson
Vice President
Sarah Aloisi
Ruth Cardona-Suarez
Shamrock Grand Prix Coordinator, Weekly Newsletter
Elizabeth Hastings
Scholarship Chair of Bill Feeney /Bill O’Connor Fund, Social Events
Andy Merlino
BAA Volunteer Liasson, Web Site, Marathon Bus
Andrew Cleak
Fund Raising/Various Board Activities
Kailey Sumner
Abhinav Mittal
Various Board Activities
Jessica Holt-Carr
Shamrock Store/Running Apparel
Robert Sardy
Various Board Activities