In 2001, Bill Feeney, Ram Satyaprasad and other runners were running with running clubs that were not local to their home towns of Woburn and Burlington.  After running with and helping out other running clubs, they both they came up with the idea of starting their own.  The retired teacher but still Woburn High track coach, Bill O’Connor, approached Bill Feeney and said “I have time and I will help you start a club”. With two Irishmen at the helm, “The Shamrock Running Club” was born the winter of 2001.

Bill Feeney used his charm and recruited Marsha Hogan, Ram, Jerry Scalley, John Lally, Gerry Crowe, Charlie Kelly and John Connolly to become the original board members.

Original members of the club were Gary McLauglin, Jeff Alder, Maria Gonzalez, Maureen McNulty, Joe Martinello, Dan Connolly, John Connolly, Terry Connolly, Jean Connolly, Peter Hanson, Patrick Sheeran, Linda Santullo, Laurie McManus, Mike DiMauro, Rich Paulsen, Tom Berrigan, Brian Foley, Kim Carbone, Karen Claflin, Chris Lemone, Porfirio Claudio, Brian Gaffney, Chris Glaser, Caitlin O’Connor, Bob O’Donnell, Bill LaVacchia, Michelle Bishop and the late Joan Curran. The club grew quickly and soon there was huge turnout at the Joyce.   This was largely due to Bill’s ability to recruit – he truly had a gift!

There were 2 or 3 different groups at the Joyce based on ability.  Coach O’Connor’s love of the sport was very evident.  He gave every one of us our splits at each lap.   He really wanted us to improve and treated everyone equally regardless of ability

The club was initially funded by the Irish American Club, Waste Management and the Police Union.

Through the enjoyment that all that we do in the club, the club is rapidly approaching 250 members.