Each year we acknowledge our athletes accomplishments!

First Row: Larry Unger, Chris Gehring, Rich Paulson, Ram Satyaprasad, Mary Emerson
Second Row: Sheri-Anne Marco, Kailey Sumner, Ruth Cardona, Herman Correa-Diaz, Chas Hodgdon, Tom Walker

2022 Female Rookie of the YearSheri-Anne Marco
2022 Male Rookie of the YearChris Gehring
2022 Female most improvedKailey Sumner
2022 Male most improvedLarry Unger
2022 Female runner of the yearMary Emerson
2022 Male runner of the yearRich Paulson
2022 Male runner of the yearRam Satyaprasad
2022 Female Grand Prix WinnerRuth Cardona
2022 Male Grand Prix WinnerHerman Correa-Diaz
2022 Bill Feeney AwardRuth Cardona
2021 Female Most Improved RunnerRae Allen
2021 Male Most Improved RunnerRalph Viger
2021 Female Runner of the YearSarah Schwartz
2021 Male Runner of the YearRandy Strauch
2021 Female Grand Prix WinnerMarsha Hogan
2021 Male Grand Prix WinnerAndrew Cleak
2021 Bill Feeney AwardElizabeth Hastings
2019 Female Runner of the YearNancy Norton
2019 Male Runner of the YearTom Walker
2019 Female Grand Prix WinnerRuth Cardona
2019 Male Grand Prix WinnerChris Riley
2019 Female Most Improved RunnerBeth Henson
2019 Male Most Improved RunnerTom Walker
2019 Bill Feeney AwardPattie Fields
2018 Female Runner of the YearMaria Gonzalez
2018 Male Runner of the YearJake Aquino
2018 Female Grand Prix WinnerMaria Gonzalez
2018 Male Grand Prix WinnerJake Aquino
2018 Female Most Improved RunnerAnne Craig
2018 Male Most Improved Runner Herman A. Correa-Diaz
2018 Bill Feeney AwardEmmett Murphy
2017 Female Runner of the YearRuth Cardona
2017 Male Runner of the YearEmmett Murphy
2017 Female Grand Prix WinnerRuth Cardona
2017 Male Grand Prix WinnerRyan Hayes
2017 Female Most Improved RunnerKristen Hackney
2017 Male Most Improved RunnerJake Aquino
2017 Bill Feeney AwardAndy Merlino
2016 Female Runner of the YearElizabeth Hastings
2016 Male Runner of the YearRyan Hayes
2016 Female Grand Prix WinnerDamaris Hoeman
2016 Male Grand Prix WinnerAndy Merlino
2016 Female Most Improved RunnerJaye Morgan
2016 Male Most Improved RunnerEmmett Murphy
2016 Bill Feeney AwardDirk Slagmolen
2015 Female Runner of the YearKathleen Mann
2015 Male Runner of the YearKieran Murphy
2015 Female Grand Prix Winner
2015 Male Grand Prix WinnerGeorge McLaughlin
2015 Female Most Improved RunnerMaria Gonzalez
2015 Male Most Improved RunnerGeorge McLaughlin
2015 Bill Feeney AwardEllen Viger
2014 Female Runner of the YearJackie Hodgdon
2014 Male Runner of the YearDarryl Smith
2014 Female Grand Prix Winner
2014 Male Grand Prix Winner
2014 Female Most Improved RunnerPattie Fields
2014 Male Most Improved Runner
2014 Bill Feeney AwardSteve Blair
2013 Female Runner of the Year
2013 Male Runner of the YearRich Paulson
2013 Female Most Improved RunnerNancy Norton
2013 Male Most Improved RunnerDave Burns
2013 Bill Feeney AwardChris Glaser
2012 Female Runner of the Year
2012 Male Runner of the Year
2012 Female Most Improved Runner
2012 Male Most Improved Runner
2012 Bill Feeney AwardRamasastry Satyaprasad