Shamrock Running Club

- Established by Bill Feeney 2001

Shamrock Grand Prix

The 2021 Grand Prix is going VIRTUAL!

Competition Rules

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the Grand Prix will be virtual this year. We would like to promote member participation in a series of virtual races to keep ourselves motivated to train, improve our running and get those personal bests or records.

  • The Shamrock Running Club (SRC) will set the course and the time frame (7 days) to complete the race. 
  • The races will vary throughout the year: one hilly, one trail, one track, Horn Pond loop, Mystics loop, Woburn-Winchester 10 Miler loop, and three of our popular local races: Feeney 5K, Kick n’ for kids and Battlegreen 10K. We will only run Assault on Mt. Hood if it’s an in-person race in December.
  • All Club members are automatically enrolled in the GP and awarded points for each virtual GP race they participate in; however, you must complete a minimum of 6 races for your points to count towards final awards. Members will upload their race in the Shamrock Running Club Strava group, or share their results from Garmin Connect or any other app with the GP Coordinator.
  • Points will be awarded to the top finishers in each age and gender category (as determined by the SRC). For example, 10 points will be awarded to the top Shamrock finisher in each age category, 9 points to the second, 8 points to the third etc. All finishers receive at least one point.
  • At each GP race, additional points will be awarded to the first three overall male and female finishers: 3 points for 1st place, 2 points for 2nd place, 1 point for 3rd place.
  • Age categories for both Men and Women will be 20-29, 30-39, 40-49, 50-59, 60-69 and 70 & Above. A runner’s age category for the year will be determined by his/her age on the first race on the schedule. For 2021, your AG will be your age as of 01/17/2021. Participants will not move age categories during the year and cannot earn points in more than one age category. GP standings will be updated after each race and will be posted on www.shamrockrunningclub.com. Members should review the results and notify the Grand Prix coordinator within 10 days of any corrections or omissions.

If you have any questions contact the Grand Prix Series Coordinator Ruth Cardona: shamrockrunclub@gmail.com


January 17 - 235KHorn Pond Loop
February 14 - 205KHilly Russell Street
March 21 -275KTrack - Wob/Burl/Winch or any track
TBD (May)5KKick in for Kids
June 13 - 195MTrail at the Fells - Orange Loop
June 27 - July 4th5KFeeney 5K
TBD (September)6M Mystics Loop
TBD (October)10MWoburn-Winchester Loop
TBD (November)10KBattleGreen - Lexington
TBD (December)3.5MAssault on Mt. Hood - Melrose

Please check the newsletter for details and race course. If you have more questions about the races, please feel free to contact the Coordinator. The Board of Directors reserves the right to change the Grand Prix series at any time.

GP Virtual 5K – Horn Pond Results here:

DateRunnerElapsed TimeAvg PaceDistanceSourceAgeDiv
01/23/21Andrew Cleak19:38:006:203.11Garmin30-39
01/22/21Chris Smith21:20:006:513.1Strava50-59
01/21/21Herman Correa-Diaz22:00:007:013.13Strava50-59
01/21/21Maria Gonzalez22:21:007:113.11Strava50-59
01/23/21Brian Roffi22:42:007:203.1Garmin30-39
01/21/21Marsha Hogan22:50:007:223.1Garmin50-59
01/21/21Andy Merlino23:19:007:313.1Garmin50-59
01/22/21Ruth Cardona-Suarez24:19:007:503.1Garmin50-59
01/21/21John Dean24:25:007:503.11Strava60-69
01/21/21Michele Ciminio25:17:008:083.11Strava50-59
01/22/21Rae Allen25:27:008:083.13Strava30-39
01/23/21Peggy Kelley26:33:008:323.1Strava50-59
01/17/21Larry Unger26:40:008:363.1Strava60-69
01/18/21Rich Paulsen32:05:0010:203.1RA70 +
01/17/21Sarah Schwartz33:03:0010:403.1Strava40-49
01/17/21Elizabeth Hastings33:10:0010:403.11Strava60-69
01/18/21Joanne Shelton38:52:0011:453.3Strava40-49
01/18/21Kristin Taylor38:56:0011:463.2Strava50-59
01/23/21Anne Craig39:12:0012:283.14Strava60-69
01/23/21Jacquelyn Santini42:41:0011:513.6Strava50-59
01/23/21Tom Walker54:34:0017:373.1Strava30-39

Points here