The 2023 Grand Prix Series

Competition Rules

The primary purpose of our Grand Prix series is (1) to promote team spirit by increasing Club member participation in a variety of races and (2) to promote the Shamrock Running Club(SRC) within the wider running community.

  • All Club members are automatically enrolled in the GP and awarded points for each GP race they participate in; however, you must complete a minimum of 6 races for your points to count towards final awards. For the virtual race, members will have 8 days to complete it and upload their race in the Shamrock Running Club Strava group, or share their results from Garmin Connect or any other app with the GP Coordinator.
  • At each GP race, points will be awarded to the top finishers in each age and gender category (as determined by the SRC). For example, 10 points will be awarded to the top Shamrock finisher in each age category, 9 points to the second, 8 points to the third etc. All finishers will receive at least one point.
  • At each GP race, additional points will be awarded to the first three overall male and female finishers: 3 points for 1st place, 2 points for 2nd place, 1 point for 3rd place.
  • In case of a tie in the leaderboard, the longest the distance of a race, the higher your position  in the leaderboard will be.

Age categories for both Men and Women will be 20-29, 30-39, 40-49, 50-59, 60-69 and 70 & Above. A runner’s age category for the year will be determined by his/her age on the date of the first race on the schedule (for 2023, your AG will be your age as of 01/01/2023 at the Run Your Hangover Off Race). Participants will not move age categories during the year and cannot earn points in more than one age category. GP standings will be updated after each race and will be posted on and sent out via email. Members should review the results and notify the Grand Prix coordinator within 10 days of any corrections or omissions.


  1. $35 gift card for first place male and female.
  2. $25 gift card for second place male and female.
  3. $20 gift card for third place male and female.
  4. A recognition gift for all the club members who participated (6 races or more).

In order to receive any of these prizes your Shamrock membership must be in good standing.

If you have any questions contact the Grand Prix Series Coordinator Ruth Cardona:


Run Your Hangover Off (Woburn)5MJan 1, 2023
The Great Stew Chase (Lynn)15KJan 29, 2023
Track - Wob/Burl/Winc or any track *5000 mts. (12.5 laps)Feb 18 - Feb 25
Hampton Half Marathon (Hampton Beach, NH)13.1 MMar 5, 2023
Kick in for Kids (Woburn)5KMay 7, 2023
Feeney 5K (Woburn)5KJul 4, 2023
Long Gull (Gloucester)10KSep 24, 2023
Smuttynose Rockfest Half Marathon13.1MOct 1, 2023
The Genesis Battlegreen (Lexington)5Ktbd (Nov)
The Mount Hood Nutcracker Challenge (Melrose)3.5 MDec 9, 2023
* Only virtual race. Participants have 8 days to complete their race.

We have updated our race schedule as race directors have already decided on dates and race details. Please look at the links provided in the table for early registration, date and time. 

Please check also the newsletter for details and race course. If you have more questions about the races, please feel free to contact the Coordinator. The Board of Directors reserves the right to change the Grand Prix series at any time.

GP #1: Run Your Hangover Off. 5 miles
RunnerChip TimeChip PaceAgeDivSource
Jake Aquino0:31:416:2040-49Second Wind Timing
Chas Hodgdon0:31:586:2430-39Second Wind Timing
Chris Smith0:32:416:3250-59Second Wind Timing
Andrew Cleak 0:33:056:3740-49Second Wind Timing
Jessica Pulzetti0:35:127:0240-49Second Wind Timing
Michaela Quigley0:39:257:5320-29Second Wind Timing
Kailey Sumner0:40:038:0120-29Second Wind Timing
Mary Emerson0:40:158:0340-49Second Wind Timing
Nick Dalton0:40:568:1120-29Second Wind Timing
Larry Unger0:41:148:1570 +Second Wind Timing
Sheri Marcotti0:41:498:2240-49Second Wind Timing
John Dean0:43:078:3760-69Second Wind Timing
Rae Allen0:43:088:3830-39Second Wind Timing
Alison Conway0:44:048:4950-59Second Wind Timing
Emmett Murphy0:44:208:5240-49Second Wind Timing
Peggy Kelley0:45:119:0250-59Second Wind Timing
Michelle Murphy0:45:589:1250-59Second Wind Timing
Paula Bechakian0:47:009:2460-69Second Wind Timing
Chris Glaser0:48:379:4370 +Second Wind Timing
Joanne Shelton0:49:359:5540-49Second Wind Timing
Terry Connolly0:52:5410:3560-69Second Wind Timing
Theodora Drescher0:59:3711:5550-59Second Wind Timing
Randy Strauch1:06:2013:1640-49Second Wind Timing
Abhinav Mittal1:06:2113:1640-49Second Wind Timing

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