Shamrock Running Club

- Established by Bill Feeney 2001

Tuesday Night Outdoor Track

Woburn High School Outdoor Track

6:15 Warm up – 6:30 Workout

Track runs from early April to late November.  You’ll always find someone to run with because we typically have three groups of runners advanced, intermediate and beginners.  Track workouts are about improving your running economy.  One or more coaches will be there to teach you proper form and technique before, during and after the workouts.  All workouts are based on your ability.

3-19-193 sets of 4x400
30 seconds rest
800 jog after each set
3-26-19Alternating Pace
3-4 miles
400 at 5k pace
1200 at steady pace
4-2-193 Sets 3x600 30 seconds rest.
800 jog between sets
4-9-193-4 miles
500 at 5k pace
1100 at steady pace
4-16-192 sets of 3x800
30 seconds rest
800 jog between rest
4-23-195x1000 at 5k pace
200 jog
4-30-193x400 100m jog
3x400 200m jog
3x400 400 jog
5-5-19Kick in For Kids 5k
5-7-19Cruse Miles
3 to 4
HMP to 10k pace
5-14-193 to 4 miles
200 on
200 off
400 at 5k pace
200 Jog
5-28-19Alternating Pace
3-4 miles
500 at 5k pace
1100 at steady pace
30 seconds rest
800 jog after each set
6-11-19Alternating Pace
3-4 miles
600 at 5k pace
1000 at steady pace
6-18-195 to 7 800s
seconds rest
5k pace
200 jog
easy 200 jog
7-4-19Feeney 5k