Thursday June 13, 2024: Quality Workout Run

This Group Run starts at 6:30pm from the Woburn Irish American Club. This is the Q3 workout available from this week’s Training Schedule.

Cruise Intervals at Threshold Pace

9.3 mile out-and-back course featuring the Mystic Valley Parkway

  1. 1-2 miles Easy warmup
  2. Add some Striders to prep for the threshold pace
  3. 3 x 8-minutes at your T pace (Threshold pace) w/1 min rests
  4. 6 × 200m Repetition pace with 200m jog
  5. 1-2 miles Easy

The two mile mark is when you get back on the Tri-Community Greenway, and that’s a relatively safe place to start with your Striders. I tried to build the course distance to fit the workout, so just keep following the course to the turn-around at Fairfield Street, and then go back the same way you came.