Thursday June 6, 2024: Quality Workout Run

This week the Shamrock Spring Cookout and Scholarship Awards ceremony is taking place after this Group Run at the Woburn Irish American Club. Food is served starting at 7pm, and the ceremony starts at 7:30pm. Please bring any side/dessert dish if you wish to share.

If you’re racing in the Samantha’s Harvest 5k Grand Prix and Lucky Shamrock Race on Sunday June 9, I’d suggest skipping this workout and running no faster than Easy pace. We recommend that before a race, you go for 2-3 days of no faster than E pace. This includes the option of not running at all on these days.

This Group Run starts at 6:30pm from the Woburn Irish American Club.

Cruise Intervals (T pace) Q3 Workout

8.1 mile out-and-back course featuring the Mystic Valley Parkway

  1. 2 miles Easy
  2. 6 warmup Striders — 20 to 40 seconds each
  3. 1 mile at T pace
  4. Jog or walk 1 minute
  5. 1 mile at T pace
  6. Jog or walk 1 minute
  7. 1 mile at T pace
  8. Jog 1-2 miles for recovery

The two mile mark is when you reach the Tri-Community Greenway, and that’s where you’d start with your warmup Striders. I tried to build the course distance to fit the workout, so just keep following the course to the turn-around at Sagamore Ave, and then go back the same way you came.