Weekly Training Schedule

Contact the coaches with any questions via email below or in the private Shamrock Running Club Facebook page.
TJ: tjmurphywriter@gmail.com
Tom: twalker26@gmail.com

The following schedule is recommended but can workouts can be moved around to accommodate your personal schedule. Any of the Easy days can be replaced with a rest day, or a strength training or cross training workout. Two strength training workouts on non-consecutive days are recommended. If you have a race or a time trial, remove a quality workout from the week. You should have 2-3 days before a race of no faster than Easy pace, which includes the option of no running at all. If you can only do one quality workout in a week, do Q1. If you can only do two quality workouts in a week, do Q1 and Q2. If you’re not feeling up to a Q (or even an E) run that day, skip it, better to rest up and be ready for the next day. Rest is just as important as work.