Shamrock Training July 7 to 13

Suggested Key/Quality Workouts for July 7 to July 13

This is our final Phase 2 Training week. In Phase 3, we’ll begin infusing “I” workouts into track nights. “I” stands for interval.

The purpose of I training (within the Jack Daniels training approach we are using) is to maximize aerobic power.  

In our forthcoming I workouts, we will be striving to work very close to VO2max (and maximum heart rate), with a work-to-rest ratio that optimizes this purpose.

But for now, we have one last week of Phase 2 training in front of us.

Q1: Long Run

Easy pace run, not longer than 25% of your weekly mileage level.

Q2: Tuesday Track Workout

Final Phase 2 workout focused on R pace (Repetition Pace). 

Warmup: 2 easy plus striders

10 × 400 Repetition pace  400-meter jogs 

Warm down: 1 to 2-mile jog warm down

Q3: Threshold Pace Workout

T-pace (threshold pace) focus. 

2 miles Easy 

 4 × 1-mile at T pace w/1 min rests

 Then 4 × 200 R with 200-meter jogs

1 to 2-mile jog warm down

For the balance of your training week, sprinkle in easy 30 to 60-minute recovery runs, and/or cross training workouts, and rest days.