June 30 to July 6 Training Schedule

Suggested Key/Quality Workouts for June 30 to July 6

Suggested pattern if you’re racing the Feeney 5K on Thursday:

Sunday: Easy Long Run. Feel free to build 6-8 striders into the middle of the run.

Monday: Easy recovery run. If you want to work either a repetition workout or threshold workout into the week, this would be the day. My suggestion would be to do 6-8 x 200 R workout with 200 jogs. Emphasis on the word jog.

Tuesday: Easy 30-40 minutes or Off.

Wednesday: Easy 20 to 30 minutes or Off.

Thursday race: Feeney 5K

Friday easy 30-minutes or off

Saturday easy 30-60 minutes

REGULAR SCHEDULE. For those not racing on Thursday.

Your key workouts are below. Add easy recovery runs or an off day into the remaining days of the week.

Q1: Long Run

Easy pace run, not longer than 25% of your weekly mileage level.

Purpose: Aerobic base building. One of the many benefits of easy running is an increase in vascularization (opening of more tiny blood vessels that feed the exercising muscles).

Q2: Tuesday Track Workout

R pace (Repetition Pace). This is a repeat of a workout we did a few weeks ago. The primary purpose of R training is to improve anaerobic power, speed, and economy of running. Key to getting the most out of an R workout is to be disciplined about the recovery jogs — truly take them easy to get the most benefits of the fast running.

That said, this R workout is designed with a relatively short recovery after the 400 in each round. This takes into account your growing efficiency at R pace.

2 Easy plus striders

4 x 400 at R pace 400-meter jog;

1-mile easy jog

4 x 400 at R pace with 400-meter jog

1 to 2-mile jog warm down

Q3: Threshold Pace Workout

T-pace (threshold pace) focus. Think of the purpose of T runs as being to improve your endurance—teaching your body how to deal with a slightly more demanding pace for a prolonged period of time.

2 Easy plus striders

2 × 2-mile at T-pace with 2-min jog between;


4 × 200 R pace with 200-meter jogs

1 to 2-mile jog warm down