June 16 to June 22 Training Schedule

Note: If you missed the May Time Trial no worries — just let the coaches know and we can guide you through a 1- or 2-mile time trial during the track workout.

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Just three weeks left of Phase 2 Training, as we continue to build speed, efficiency and anaerobic power with a Repetition Workout and foundational endurance with a Threshold Workout — in addition to your easy running, a long run, and any cross-training you opt for on your recovery days.

Below you’ll see the three suggested quality (Q) workouts. Other days should be easy runs of 30 to 60 minutes, or cross-training, or completely off.

The track workout will again focus on R (repetition) running meant to boost your speed and efficiency mechanics and prepare you for the I workouts (interval workouts) we’ll be shifting to in a few weeks.

Racing this week? Drop either Q2 or Q3 and supplant the workout with your race effort.

If you’re racing on Sunday, listen to your body when it comes to the Tuesday track workout. Taking two easy days after a hard race effort is likely a good idea.

Cross-training: If you need a break from the pounding, the elliptical trainer is an excellent cross-training option. Zero impact stress and a pretty decent simulation of a running stride.

Quality Workout 1

Long run of less than 25% of week’s mileage and 120 min, whichever comes first. These are performed at E (easy) pace.

Q2 Repetition Workout at the track

(Tuesday 5:45 meetup at Woburn High School track)

Warm-up 1-2 miles plus striders

R workout (Tuesday night at the Woburn High School Track, meeting at 5:45)

4 x 400-meters at R pace, each interval followed by a slow, 400-meter jog

Jog 1 mile

4 x 400-meters at R pace with easy 400-meter jog recoveries

Warm-down jog. Add some light stretching with a focus on your calf muscles, hamstrings and glutes.

Q3 Threshold Workout for Thursday Night

1-2 easy warmup. Add some striders to prep for the threshold pace.

Threshold workout

4 x 30 seconds at approximately your R pace with 1-minute jogs

20 minutes at T pace (threshold pace)

4 x 30 seconds at R pace with 1-minute jogs