Thursday July 11: Quality Workout Run

The free Horn Pond summer fun race series starts on this day. Feel welcome to race that instead of doing this workout. See the bottom of this post for details on this race.

This group workout starts at 6:30pm from the Woburn Irish American Club. The focus for this workout is Threshold (T) pace.

2 miles Easy

4 x 1-mile at T pace w/1 min rests

4 x 200 R with 200-meter jogs

1 to 2-mile jog warm down

Here is a suggested 8.8 mile course, which you can scale down or up according to your weekly mileage (workout scaling is detailed in the coach tips section):

If the timing and distance work out, a suggestion is to use the track by Winchester center for the 4 x 200 R.

Horn Pond Summer Fun Run flyer: