Shamrock Running Club Est by Bill Feeney 1995

Tuesday Track Workouts

April to November
Outdoor Track We meet at the Woburn High School Track at 6:40pm for a speed workout from April to November. There are always different groups and abilities at these workouts.

November to April

5:30AM Meet at the Horn Pond Pumping station parking lot; we will run a Winchester Hills route or a double loop of the pond, both routes are about 5 miles total.

6:15PM Outdoor speed workout at the Burlington High School. Course includes the perimeter of the Burlington High School and neighborhood roads behind it. Warm up begins at 6:15pm.

6:30PM Indoor track at the Joyce Middle School in Woburn. The gym is open 6:00pm-8pm, track begins at 6:30. Speed workout schedules are online  All runners, joggers and walkers are welcome. Bring and friend and introduce them to our club

Burlington High School  the group are mostly focused on 1/2 and full marathons

Outdoor Schedule 2017

Outdoor Track
3-19-17 3 x 1 Mile (pace 10k-8k-5k-pace) 400 recovery
3-28-17 1600 10k pace (400m jog)
1200 5k Pace
1000 5k pace
5×200 (200m jog) mile pacet
4-4-17 2 times, 200 jog after each, 400 after the first set
4-11-17 7 x 800m with 30 seconds recovery (trying to run 5K pace for the entire run)

4-18-17 3 x (600m, 400m, 300m, 200m fast with 300m jog recoveries)
4-25-17 10×500 5k pace 100m jog
5-2-17 3 x 400m repeats at your goal 5K pace with 100m jog between. Jog 400m after
3 x 400m repeats at 2-3 seconds faster per 200m than your goal 5K pace with 200m jog
3 x 400m repeats at 4-6 seconds faster per 400m than your goal 5K pace with 400m jog

5-7-17 Kick In For Kids 5k
5-9-17 4 x 15 seconds strides + 1 mile @ Tempo + 400m jog + 8-10 x 200 + 200 jog
5-16-17 1 mile @ Tempo + 400 (jog) + 4-6x 400 @ speed intervals w/ 200(jog) + 400 jog + 1 mile @ mile race pace effort or close to max effort
5-23-17 1600
Negative splits
400 jog after each
5-30-17 5 x 1000m at slightly faster than 5K pace with 400m recovery jog
6-6-17 4 x
(1 x 800m at 5K pace, 100m jog 1 x 300m at mile pace, 400m jog recovery).
6-13-17 3x 500m, 400m, 300m with 2 minutes recovery. Pace : run 500m and 400m at mile pace, run 300m a little faster. 2 minutes between sets. Finish with 1x 400m @ mile pace for 200m and kick
6-20-17 8×600 @5k pace 100m jog.
6-27-17 16×200 200 jog
7-4-17 Feeney 5k
7-11-17 3×1 mile cemetery loop then 4×200
7-18-17 2 to 4 miles of
400 at 5k pace then 1200m at 75% to 85% of 5k pace
7-25-17 1000m @ marathon pace
1000m @ half marathon
1000m @ 10k pace pace
1000m @ 5k race pace
4×200@ mile pace
8-1-17 12-16 400s with 100m recovery 10k pace

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