Shamrock Running Club Est by Bill Feeney 1995

Training Programs

Winter Training for
December-January Build aerobic capacity Start building mileage
    Easy to Medium efforts
    Do Strides 3-4 times a week
    Do not run to the point of lactic-acid buildup
February Hill Phase Add 1-2 Hill workouts in a week.
    30 to 2 mins hill climbs at 10k Pace
    2-5 mins hill climbs at Half Marathon pace
    Continue build aerobic capacity
March Speed and Stamina Tempo Runs
    High End Aerobic Runs
    Lacate Threshold Runs
    Max VO2 Workouts
April Peak and Taper Last few workout and taper
May Race season  
This just template this can be adjusted to your race goals

Half Marathon Training Guide – Novice

Half Marathon Training Guide Intermediate

Intermediate Marathon Program Boston 2014

Advance Marathon Program Boston 2014

2013-2014 Indoor Schedule

Oct-Dec 2013

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