The goals of our coaches consist of teaching you proper form, technique and routines so that you be able to run, bike and swim this year and many years from now.

Steve Blair
Head Coach
Steve is one of the most well read track and fitness athletes in the club. He is a great runner and athlete who loves to teach new and experienced runners proper running and training techniques and proper nutrition and health habits. Additionally, if you want to learn about professional track and field events, talk with Steve. He's always ready to talk about recent results.
Kieran Murphy
Assistant Coach
One of fastest runners in the club shares his over 40 years of experience with others including workout recommendations and training and race preparation suggestions. You can always find him running with Group 1 at all workouts.
Andy Merlino
Assistant Coach
Andy also shares his over 40 years of running experience from Burlington High to UMass/Amherst XC, years of coaching youth and high school athletes and his recent triathlon training.